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Plot: A red-backed card is freely selected from a red-backed deck. The back of the chosen card changes color to blue so that it is easily found. The blue-backed card is placed under a saltshaker, the spectator’s finger, or even under the spectator’s foot. Another red-backed card is then selected from the deck. The magician, merely by snapping his fingers, changes the face of the blue-backed card to match the face of the second freely chosen card!

This 34-page booklet details all the ins and outs, psychology and theory of Whit Haydn’s unique and very powerful version of the Chicago Opener or Red Hot Mama card trick-the version used by many of the top close-up workers.

“The Chicago Surprise meets all my criteria for what a superior magic product should be: 1) an audience-tested, professional-caliber routine, 2) well written, 3) both handling and theoretical information (in other words, the how and the why) are included. Many professionals use Whit’s routine. I’m sure you’re going to want to as well.” – Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine

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