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Convention At The Capital 2001 by A-1 Magical Media – DVD


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Performers and Effects

Paul Gertner – Photocopy – A demonstration of ‘Invisible Palming’ leads to a selection magically traveling to inside a wallet the spectator is holding. As a kicker, the selection is inside a folded photocopy of a hand with the selection printed on it! This is commercial magic at its best!

Daryl – Presto Attracto Card – Tow spectator selections are lost in the deck and then found in an amusing and entertaining fashion! Performed in the charming style only Daryl can provide.

Rich Marotta – The Great Penetrator – A coin magically penetrates a solid coaster resting on top of a glass!

David Regal – Heading North – Any card is selected and shuffled into the deck. The selection now inexplicably rises out of the deck. New method; easy to do! Leaves you virtually clean!

Jerry Andrus – Acusteal – A barehanded production of a steel ball bearing! A professional lesson in concealment!

Simon Lovell – Signature Transfer – A card is selected and signed. The signature magically transfers onto a completely different card!

Andrew Wimhurst – Kicked in the Face – Amazingly the aces are cut from a shuffled deck. For the kicker, four jacks are cut to completing four blackjacks!

Paul Wilson – 3 Bets on the Band – Three extremely valuable, professional effects/tips with a finger ring and a rubberband!

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