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My Drink Trick by International Magic – Trick


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A comical tale of cards, money, booze and dames!!


With 14 surprises in this incredible routine, the effect is performed to an amusing gambling story, whereby the magician shows four face down cards. They’re counted again, but one card is now face up, count again and two cards are face up. Many other tricks would finish here, but with ‘My Drink Trick’ it’s only the start. The four indifferent cards change one by one into the 4 aces. Now the fun really begins…. one card changes to a card with money printed on it, then a card appears with a picture of a pub, count them again and a card has picture of some drinks! This is followed by three more changes, all presented to an appropriate patter story with a great finish.
includes: 12 special bicycle back cards in plastic wallet.

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