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The Professional Repertoire of Etienne Pradier (2 DVD Set) – DVD


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Disk 1
Bill Switch – Etienne’s Opener
. A borrowed £10 note turns into any named currency in the world!

Finger Snap – get unbelievable reactions with nothing more than your bare hands!

The Broken Glass – A quick-fire effect which is guaranteed to get the attention of the whole table!

Bottle Through Table – Etienne’s signature piece. This is the effect that gets him rebooked time and time again.

Ring Flight – A professionals handling for this close-up magic classic.

Impromptu Signed Card in Sealed Bottle – A spectator’s signed card miraculously appears in a sealed beer bottle! This is worth the price of the DVD alone! Completely impromptu – a real reputation maker!

PLUS… Pocket Management

Disk 2
The Wedding Test
– This is Etienne’s take on the Anniversary Waltz.

Card to Pocket – A powerhouse card routine that is a real spectators favorite.

Impromptu Stooge – Turn a tricky spectator into your biggest fan with this sneaky gem.

Coin under Watch – Fast furious magic with a killer finish.

A Quick Turnover – Visual snappy card magic perfect for strolling worker.

Two Card Monte – An original reworking of this bar magic classic.

Sleights explained include: double lift, cull, classic pass, top change, peek, side steal, false cut, slip cut force and a full explanation of the classic bill switch.

Plus 2 bonus effects and a 20 minute interview with the man himself on how to get work and then get re-booked !

Disc One Running Time Approximately 68min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 72min

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