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Metal Wand (Red) by Joe Porper – Trick



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Every wand Joe makes is a work of art. Considered to be one of the finest cue makers on the planet, Joe has brought his years of experience in this field to the magic world. Using techniques learned and developed while making intricately beautiful cues, Joe crafts each wand with care to produce perfectly balanced wands in unique styles. With designs ranging from the simple to the complex, any magician serious about his craft deserves a genuine Porper wand.

This wand unscrews in two like a pool cue and includes a custom leather case.

Assembled Wand Dimensions Approximately: 3/8″ x 12 1/2″ (1cm x 31.75cm)

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Gewicht 0.188 kg
Afmetingen 3.0000 × 8.0000 × 1.0000 inch