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The X-Rated Card Trick & Other Mysteries by Josh Chaikin eBook DOWNLOAD


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What is The X-Rated Card Trick? It’s a card trick that’s X-rated, but so much more. This eBook contains five unique card effects, all of which are within grasp of the average performer.

You will find material here for the restaurant worker as well as the stand-up performer. In this eBook, you’ll learn principles that will be applicable to other effects and enable you to create your own miracles.

So, what will you discover inside?

  • Barely Legal: The classic 21 Card Trick turned on its head.
  • Miracle Sandwich: A sandwich effect with a kicker that even magicians won’t see coming. This has been a staple in Josh’s work for years.
  • Card to Balloon Sword: Dingle’s classic effect, with a “twist.”
  • No really, what is The X-Rated Card Trick? Well, you’ll have to buy the eBook to find out. Let’s just say it won’t be going into your birthday shows any time soon.

“If you like performing your magic on the edge, I heartily recommend this little gem.”
– Mike Giusti

The X-Rated Card Trick will ‘blow’ your mind.”
– Ron Jaxon

Please note that this product is intended for adults only. Exercise common sense when performing The X-Rated Card Trick. It will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.