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Imagine … extracting a two-inch contact lens from your eye and changing it into a pair of glasses … causing a spectator’s card to rise completely out of the deck and then hover in mid-air with a life of its own … having the spectator’s selected card develop right before their eyes like a Polaroid picture … viciously tearing up a playing card and restoring it by simply waving your hand over the torn pieces … your coin-in-bottle routine going awry when the bottle is accidentally slapped inside the coin … being able to melt two pieces of rope into one and perform a most bizarre sliding know routine … having a color changing deck routine run wild ending with no less than five color changes … showing your audience your deft skill by spearing a tossed quarter with a pencil … a cards-across routine where the spectator’s signed card vanishes from those traveling across and ends up inside your wallet … a whole new meaning to “cold, hard cash,” as a dollar bill visibly changes into a silver dollar at your fingertips … a single playing card transforming into a complete deck of fifty-two cards right before your eyes … IMAGINE … performing all these superlative routines plus many more. Wouldn’t you want this book in your possession? Hardbound, illustrated, 107 pages, full-color dust jacket, matching endsheets.

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