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Key BDM Scissors by Bazar de Magia – Trick


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A New Scissors trick !!!

Bazar de Magia’s line of gimmicked scissors continues to grow.

These gimmicked scissors allows you to link up the scissors eye ring magically by using any kind of rope. The system developed for the Key BDM Sccisors is invisible to the audience’s eyes. You will include it immediately in your favorite rope routine.

These scissors can be also used as a gag to link up the jacket buttonhole from anyone in the audience, or a microphone cable. etc.

  • The scissors can cut any kind of rope.
  • Spectators can observe the scissors just a few little steps away and they will not see anything weird; they can even hold the scissors in their hands.
  • Easy to use!!!
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • There’s no trick in the rope. The scissors themselves do it all!!!
Key sccisors were devised by Argentine Magician The Great Bronzini jointly with Bazar de Magia’s team.

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