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Signature Edition Sketchpad Birthday (Add-On Only)


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It seems you have forgotten to bring a card for the birthday child so you offer to draw one on a large artist pad. After some byplay it is seen that the drawing is of a magician’s top hat. You then hand the marker to the birthday child and ask them to wave it in the air like a magic wand. As they do a bunny slowly rises out of the hat holding a big “Happy Birthday” sign.

You then draw some confetti on the page, rip it out, sign it, and give it to the birthday child as a memento. You suggest that, to remember the party, all the children sign the card and help color it in before they leave.

The module is for owners of the Signature Sketch Pad Card Rise and may not fit other versions. It comes with a precision made rising mechanism, die cut plastic slide, and enough refills for 12 shows.

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