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The Last Monte by Harry Anderson – Trick


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This is an outstanding routine which simulates the classic Three Card Monte routine played on the streets. Even though the routine looks and feels like the real thing the special cards supplied are used to create impossible looking sequences. But the impossible and memorable ending is what kills.

While educating the spectators about how not to get ripped-off with the con game you demonstrate a basic routine where the money card is never found. You then give them the ultimate chance to win by tearing the corner off the elusive money card. Believe it or not when the card with the missing corner is turned over it is not the winning Ace. Everything can be handed out for immediate examination and can be given out as a souvenir.

Comes complete with illustrated instructions and all necessary cards, including a dozen special Monte cards. The cards supplied are Poker-size, blue-back Gemaco Casino Pro cards as used in many casinos.

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