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Harry Allen Comedy Bits and Magic Routines Vol 2 – DVD


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Comedy Bits and Magic Routines features Harry in his natural environment, in front of a fun-loving audience, demonstrating his favorite magic effects and showing off his encyclopedic supply of one-liners. Along the way, you’ll gain insights and learn finesses on tricks you may have resigned to your magic drawer long ago . . . if you can stop laughing long enough.

  • Dream Bag – A flat paper bag magically produces three jumbo crystal flower boxes and three 18″ silks.
  • Foursome – Four fanned cards change to totally different cards, front and back.
  • Flying Cards – How about two thought-of cards vanishing from the table and appearing in the spectator’s pocket. Unbelievable!
  • Mesh Coin Bag – Two quarters magically appear inside an obviously empty mesh bag. If that’s not enough, the two quarters turn into a half dollar, then into a jumbo half
  • Future Mental – Mentalism at its best. A thought-of colored ball vanishes and appears in the magician’s pocket. Repeated with no reset.
  • Alligator Coins – Two half-dollars change into two English pennies.
  • Triception – ESP magic where the spectator calls the shots and all predictions come out correctly.
  • Calculator Prediction – You can predict names in phone books, Bibles, or textbooks with a calculator that you have no control over.
  • Golden Key – Move the parts of a key in all directions, then hand it out as it turns into a normal key.
  • Psychic Escape – A visual penetration of a thought-of colored lifesaver disc from a cord.
  • Card in Glass – A selected card is shuffled and left in a glass by the spectator.
    Silk to Flame – From bare hands, you produce a silk, then turn it into fire, only to have it all vanish.
  • X-act Match – A thought-of card is the only card in the deck with an “x” on the back. No force, no roughing fluid, no set-up.
  • Shrinking Die – A normal-sized die diminishes to a tiny die.
  • Wonder Bar – Levitation at its best. A three-inch bar floats in and out of a test tube

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