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Magic Italian Style by Aldo Colombini – DVD


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Magic Italian Style – cards and coins with that “mamma-mia” style!

Mamma-Mia! Thatsa Spicy Magic!

The master of Mamma-Mia magic, Aldo Colombini serves up a second heaping helping of top-notch magic for beginners, professionals and everyone in between.

Highlighting this broadcast quality DVD is a complete performance and explanation of Aldo’s Mamma-Mia Card routine!


MAMMA-MIA CARD ROUTINE – Aldo’s card act that he regularly features in his performances at the world famous Magic Castle!

AN ITALIAN IN LAS VEGAS – A slick card effect wherein two cards assist in finding the spectator’s selection.

OUT OF THIS BOAT – Aldo’s version of Out Of This World. A spectator separates every card in the deck. Very clean – no switches.

IN-VISIBLE COINS – Coins vanish and reappear in this easy effect.

LEAPING LIRE – A very clever coins across routine!

LAGUNA SHUTTLE – A totally blank deck…a thought-of card – and the card magically prints!

THE BRAT PACK –  A wonderful new effect combining the ideas of Paul Harris and Larry Jennings.

ITALIAN SERENADE –  A multi-phase card routine that is within easy reach of the average cardman. Super audience reactions!

JACK-ED EDGE –  Simply a great, great card effect!

THE A.C. CONTROL –  Aldo’s easy and effective method for controlling a card to the top of the deck.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 36min

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