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PAYphone by Corey Burke – DVD


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A phone call can change your life, but for one man it can also end it.


Set within the confines of a Portland pay phone, magician Corey Burke finds himself coerced into performing tricks for random passer-bys. How far will he take his magic to save his life, or will he risk it all by hanging up and walking away?

Coinfusing Production – A play on words that will leave their heads spinning as three coins are magically prodced from thin air.

De Ja Vu – Wait a minute… didn’t I just see that?

EKN – Corey’s wonderful version of Elbow Knee and Neck.

Smooth as Silk – Expansion of texture with a KICK(back) that is.

Baring The Load – A heavy hitting card under box routine with a kicker ending. This one will slay even magicians.

Triclops – This is the three coin production that first appeared in Corey’s notes “Sense.”

Plus Bonus Effects and Deleted Scenes!

What People Are Saying:

“Your Coin work is outstanding. Very well thought out and entertaining routines.” – J.C. Wagner

“Payphone by Corey Burk has some great innovative and visual magic.” – Greg Frewin

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