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Ring Leader (With Props) by Gregory Wilson – DVD


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Picture this – A spectator’s ring is magically plucked off the center of a rope and just as effortlessly thrown back on – without letting go of the ends! In a flurry of non-stop action, the ring takes on a life of its own – it hops and pops, slips and slides, jumps and bumps, moves and grooves. In other words, you can’t stop it!

Now for the ultimate con – While everyone’s staring at the ring trapped on the cord, it instantly and invisibly changes into YOUR RING! Where’s the spectator’s ring? Back on your finger! Talk about pulling a fast one!

We know what you’re thinking – there’s got to be a ton of gimmicks, gaffs, gizmos and gadgets… Nope. Only Greg!

String Your Audience Along With

Ring Leader –
Greg’s 6 phase eye-popping, jaw-dropping, nostril-flaring routine.

Familiar Ring – The classic moves that started it all by such notables as Ray Grismer, Scotty York, Earl Nelson, Jay Scott Berry, Dan Garrett and others.

Ring Master – Put your audience through the ringer with the diabolically cunning moves of David Grippenwaldt – one of magic’s best kept secrets.

Fraternal Ring – Grip and Greg put their heads together to come up with some brand new doozies.

Running Time Approximately 120min

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