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Magnetic Boon Holder (pencil 2mm) by Vernet – Trick


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Without any doubt one of the most useful gimmicks in the world of mentalism is the Boon Writer. You can perform plenty of different effects that look like real miracles. One of the main problems is how to have the gimmick always ready to be used at any moment.

After many years of professional performances in front of real audience as well as in casual or impromptu performances we developed a perfect holder for your Boon Writer.

The “Vernet Magnetic Boon Holder” allow you to have your writer on hand, always ready to use and always in perfect conditions. You load and unload the gimmick very easily in front of your audience.

1 Magnetic Boon Holder
1 Boon pencil lead (magnetic)
Instructions & routine

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Gewicht 0.05 kg
Afmetingen 2.5000 × 3.2500 × 0.7500 inch