Hip Shot Wallet


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“A classy prop! The kind of wallet you`d be proud to own and use.”
Rafael Benetar

“It`s easy to use… Is well made and looks great. If you`ve been looking for a wallet of this type, be sure to check it out. Recommended.”
Mike Close

“Tony`s wallets are just like Frosted Flakes… They`re Great! Being a professional magician, I of course have almost no extra money, but I did actually shell out my own dough for one of these wallets! It`s nice enough that even if you don`t do the card in the wallet trick, you`ll be proud to carry it around.”
Mac King

You love card to wallet… but you don`t wear a jacket that often? Then you should try shooting from the hip. Introducing the Hip Shot! A bi-fold hip pocket wallet made of high quality calf-skin, built from the ground up to function as your everyday wallet. Contains two zippered compartments that can produce your selected cards… One of which can produce a whole deck!A Word From The Pros…

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Gewicht 0.281 kg
Afmetingen 5.5000 × 8.5000 × 0.7500 inch