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Super Sponge Balls (T-217) by Tenyo Magic – Trick


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Sponge balls magically appear from a purse frame, and then take on a life of their own! The balls disappear, multiply, and jump into a spectator’s tightly closed fist. For a huge final three balls transform into one jumbo ball.

Ever since its creation in the 1920s, “Sponge Balls” has undoubtedly become the most popular close-up magic trick. Professional and amateur magicians around the world have added the Sponge Balls to their repertoire, and have developed many handlings. We at Tenyo are proud to announce that we have scientifically developed the world’s softest sponge balls, which enable further advances in sponge ball magic. The enclosed instructions are written in careful detail, and include easy and advanced routines.

English instructions included.

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Afmetingen 5.5000 × 7.7500 × 2.0000 inch