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Copper Shells (Antique Copper)


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The School for Scoundrels is proud to present one of the finest sets of shells and peas ever offered to the magic fraternity for the shell game. The Antique Copper Shells, area cast from pewter and then heavily plated in copper for a beautiful finish.

This shell set includes five of our Perfect Peas that are made from injection-molded vinyl. These peas work on any surface, even glass and marble, and never lose their grip. They are made with the color of a real fresh pea, bright enough to show up well against almost any color. Two other matching peas are included that are made from hard plastic, and will not roll out from the shells. These can be switched in for examination if wished. A shot-glass and carrying bag are also included.

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Gewicht 0.625 kg
Afmetingen 3.7500 × 3.7500 × 2.0000 inch